Ricky Ostendi is a Downey native who enjoys painting, sculpting, and his favorite of all drawing. Inspired by cartoons like Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry, Ricky thought to himself, “This is something I need to do.” He started at Griffiths Middle School, while teachers taught him of Pharaohs and pyramids; Ricky would draw them rather than take conventional notes. He felt that art opened his mind and freed him to be as creative as he wanted.

His passion for drawing grew year after year as any and every elective class that he took had something to do with art. After graduating from Warren High School in 2001, Ricky decided that he still had room to grow as an artist. He enrolled at the Art Institute of Orange County and graduated with a BA in Media Arts & Animation.
Today, you can find Ricky’s work in a number of restaurants, bars, and galleries. His original urban style art is easy to spot and even easier to enjoy. If you find paper and a pen, you can bet Ricky is nearby ready to turn a blank sheet of paper, into something that everyone in the world can appreciate.